Personal Chef Menu

What’s on the Menu
  • Choose dishes from this extensive sampling or work with Chef to create a custom menu.  All recipes are made from scratch and are made from the freshest, quality whole food ingredients.
  • Mindful Meals specializes in low-carb gluten-free cooking and you will find that almost all menu items adhere to this standard.
  • Use of organics and free range/hormone-antibiotic free/organic meats is for you to decide as well as number of portions per dish.  These factors will effect your grocery cost but Chef’s fee is static.  The more portions I prepare the greater value your package and cook day will be.
  • In most cases, substitutions or omission of dairy and other allergens can be made.
  • When you’ve decided copy and paste your selections into the message box below and send it to chef Emily or email her at

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Due to a waiting list for personal chef services I am taking new client info and will hold you in the queue.  


Chicken Soups Mexican posole stew with shredded chicken, roasted tomatoes, pinto beans, corn hominy and fresh herbs. Wild rice and mushroom chicken with carrots, celery, kale and fresh marjoram Tortilla chicken with roasted tomatoes, cilantro, lime and crispy corn tortilla strips Classic chicken with fresh broth, carrots, onions, celery, green beans, spinach and mushrooms Mulligatawny … Continue reading Soup


Vegetable Salads (counts as side dish or vegetarian entree. These keep great in the fridge several days but Not freezer friendly!) Carrot and zucchini ribbon salad with arugula, fresh oregano, lemon vinaigrette and miso-almond “Parmesan” crumble NEW Organic mixed greens, green apples, toasted pecans, Gorgonzola and balsamic Dijon vinaigrette on the side  Cumin roasted butternut … Continue reading Salad


Frittata  (Counts as entree) Frittata is a blend of whipped whole eggs and your choice of fillings and provides 9 portions. Frittata is recommended for breakfast but is good any time of day. • Some suggested fillings: broccoli, spinach, kale, chard, collards, arugula, broccolini, fennel bulb, zucchini, onion, caramelized onion, mushrooms, portabellas, shiitake mushrooms, red … Continue reading Frittata

Meat Entrees and Sides

Choose a meat dish(left) and a side dish(right) to go with.  All meats are antibiotic and hormone free.  I purchase organic and humanely raised meats whenever possible.    Beef Onion burgers with chopped grilled sweet onions and a dash of Worcestershire mixed with free range ground beef  Beef barbacoa, classic pulled chili braised chuck roast Kafta (Lebanese … Continue reading Meat Entrees and Sides


All meats are antibiotic and hormone free.  I purchase organic and humanely raised meats whenever possible. Beef Tamale pie with classic taco beef, sweet corn and zucchini baked with gluten free corn bread top NEW Braised beef and mushroom casserole with red wine, carrots and peas and topped with gluten free garlic and chive dumplings Taco casserole … Continue reading One-Dish-Wonders

Vegetarian Entrees

Curry cauliflower “rice” with chick peas, fresh spinach, golden raisins and slivered almonds NEW  Savory white bean and sweet potato meat-less veggie loaf with gluten free mushroom gravy. Choose a side. NEW Traditional chick pea falafel, baked not fried, with tahini dipping sauce (egg) NEW Tex-Mex portobello mushroom “steak” fajitas with grilled onion, sweet peppers, pico … Continue reading Vegetarian Entrees

Snacks & Sweets

Can substitute for an entree or side dish Savory Organic deviled eggs with fresh aioli and a hint of Dijon, choose 6 or 12 Chicken liver pate’ with walnuts and figs, rich and smooth! Roasted butternut squash hummus with smoked paprika and toasted pumpkin seeds Raw zucchini hummus dip Raw zucchini roasted red pepper hummus … Continue reading Snacks & Sweets