What’s on the Menu
  • Choose dishes from this extensive sampling or work with Chef to create a custom menu.  All recipes are made from scratch and are made from the freshest, quality whole food ingredients.
  • Mindful Meals specializes in low-carb gluten-free cooking and you will find that almost all menu items adhere to this standard.
  • Use of organics and free range/hormone-antibiotic free/organic meats is for you to decide as well as number of portions per dish.  These factors will effect your grocery cost but Chef’s fee is static.  The more portions I prepare the greater value your package and cook day will be.
  • In most cases, substitutions or omission of dairy and other allergens can be made.
  • When you’ve decided copy and paste your selections into the message box below and send it to chef Emily or email her at

Printable Menu Here

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