Please Notice:  There is a brief wait list at this time. I encourage you to leave your info and you will be contacted when an opening on the schedule is available.  

What is the minimum time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment required.  While you will have your agreed upon cook schedule in place I simply ask that you give ample notice when you need to cancel or reschedule a cook day or need to cancel permanently.  This also allows you to reduce or increase your regular schedule when my calendar allows.  I encourage all new clients to try a trial cook day before agreeing to a regular schedule.

What is your service area?

I serve Pinellas county from Clearwater to Saint Petersburg and Tampa from Downtown to South Tampa

How long does the food last?

This question has two answers. First, how long the quantity of food you have chosen will last your family is entirely up to you. How much you eat of it and in what stretch of time is unique to each household. That said, the packages are designed to last a minimum of a week and up to two weeks.

Second, storage times vary slightly but generally, cooked foods can be stored 3-5 days in the fridge and 1-6 months in the freezer. For more in depth storage guidelines go here.

How many portions can I expect with each package?

On average each entree is 6 portions however, this varies depending recipes and can also be customized for more or less.  For example if you choose the 4 piece package, all entrees, expect about 24 servings.  These can be stored to your preference whether for an individual, for two or family portions.

How do I reheat?

My preference is either oven or stove top reheating depending on the dish. Some menu items are prepared in oven ready containers. If, for convenience sake, your preference is the microwave that works fine too. Because your meals are already cooked you are just reheating so how you do this is at your own discretion.

Can I freeze the food?

The quick answer is, yes. Most menu items freeze fairly well. I recommend chilling dishes completely in the fridge overnight. This will slightly improve freezing conditions for the food. Leave enough meals in the fridge for 2-3 days and freeze the rest immediately to maintain quality and freshness. Allow 24-48 hours of thaw time in the fridge when taking things out of the freezer. There are exceptions like quick thawing in the microwave or under cool running water in the sink. Oven ready dishes, lasagna or shepherd’s pie for example, can go directly in the oven but will require at least an extra 30 minutes at a higher temperature.

Where do you shop for ingredients?

I typically shop at Publix. For exclusively organic menus I shop at Rollin’ Oats as I am based in St Petersburg. There are occasional exceptions such as The Fresh Market or other specialty shops.

What is the average cost of groceries?

An average grocery bill is about $125.  For a better picture you can expect to pay a lot less, $75-$100, for a small mostly vegetarian meal package or quite a bit more, $150-$200, for a large mostly meat based package.  Organic ingredients will effect cost too.

Do you provide the calorie count or nutritional information?

This is not provided via my standard service. No two clients or cook days are alike. Due to the many variations in recipes this makes calculating generally prohibitive as it is a very time consuming process. From a personal and professional perspective I don’t generally advocate calorie counting but, if this an important aspect of your personal protocol there is a $50 fee to have your recipes calculated each cook day.

Do you ever deliver meals or the make the food in your own kitchen?

No. I understand the concern of having a stranger in your home if you cannot be there or the concern that your kitchen may be inadequate. I have cooked in many homes when clients are there and when they are not. I can provide references that will assure you that I am professional and will respect your privacy, home and belongings and I am particularly mindful of keeping very clean. My own kitchen is very modest and small and I have experience cooking in all manner of challenging kitchens. I am undaunted thus far by anywhere I have cooked.

Do you teach classes or give cooking lessons?

Not at this time.

Do you cater or do dinner parties?

I am not an event caterer as I don’t have appropriate facilities or licensing and my schedule does not allow for private catered dinners at this time.

Do you share recipes?

Yes, I am always happy to share recipes. Feel free to ask!

How do I pay you?

I take any form of payment. Checks can be made to Emily Drews or I take card payments through Venmo, an easy fee free way to accept payments online.  Direct payment can also be made through Zelle if available through your bank. Payment is required at the completion of your cook day.

Can I give your services as a gift?

Yes, Mindful Meals meal packages make a perfect gift for many reasons and occasions.