About Emily

In 1994 I dropped retail management like a hot potato and by fall 1995 I started prep cooking in a very popular high volume restaurant in Tampa and, for the most part, haven’t stopped cooking.

In 1997 I opened, operated and co-mananged Blue Gardenia Eclectic Trattoria with my former husband and partner.  After 5 years we closed our doors.  We made a baby and hubby went on to many other projects.  After being a single stay-at-home mother for a handful of years I started Mindful Meals Personal Chef in February of 2009 with a calling to create consistantly nutritious food from a holistic perspective for those who continue to need and want it.  It was the perfect container through which I could support my family and be of service. Since it’s inception myself and Mindful Meals has gone through significant changes but ingredient quality, intention, integrity and skill continue to flow through the evolution that is Mindful Meals.

I became a cook because the uniquely sensual medium and creative possibilities spoke to my core being.  I evolve as a cook because I have become intimately in tune with the ripple effect of what nourishes us each personally.

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