Kitchen Coaching via Phone, NEW SERVICE!

In light of the overwhelming demand for help with whole food cooking I can’t possibly cook for everyone who needs it.  But maybe I can help you help yourself. Perhaps you need help making sense of what to eat and how to prepare it for your real life.  Maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis or dietary protocol by your practitioner that leaves you utterly frustrated and maybe even scared about how you’re going to pull it off.  Perhaps you just need encouragement.

While I may be in the kitchen I can still help. *I am available by phone with educated advice, trouble shooting and encouragement.  You can do this!

Some examples of what we might talk about:

  • How to trouble shoot the new diet you’ve been prescribed
  • What to substitute for ingredients or recipes you can no longer eat or want to eliminate
  • How to increase nutritional intake/nutrient density with the right foods for you
  • Why a new recipe didn’t work for you when you made it
  • The simple equipment or ingredients that will make cooking easier to manage
  • Where to find the foods/ingredients you may need to be successful
  • Your frustration and confusion about your diet
  • Recipe ideas and resources
  • Time management and the tools that may help you
  • Ways to maximize your budget

Fill out the form below to let me know you’re interested and what you would like to talk with me about.  I will respond within 24 hours to schedule our phone coaching appointment which will fall during regular business hours Monday through Friday and the full terms of this service.  Be sure to add to your contacts to ensure you receive my emails in your “in” box.

At any time you may choose and pay for the coaching session to the right of the page that best suits you before your scheduled call.  Once your session is payed for I will send an email reminder the day before our scheduled call with the time and the phone number you should call me.

Time frames are guidelines for our call.  I will be timing our session and you will have at least the amount of time you pay for.  Rest assured I will not cut you off in the middle of a line of discussion.

*Disclaimer: I am an experienced professional chef.  I am not a registered dietician, licensed nutritionist or medical practitioner.  I am not qualified to comment on or give medical advice of any kind except to refer you to those who can.