Wild Caught Seafood

Chosen for ease of reheating and freezing…


  • Fajitas with jumbo shrimp, grilled onion, bell peppers and roasted tomato salsa. Tortillas or lettuce wraps are optional.
  • Spiced chipotle-in-adobe grilled jumbo shrimp. Medium spicy (S)
  • Classic Pad Thai with shrimp, shallots, garlic, ginger, scrambled egg, fresh scallions, peanuts and rice noodles. DOES NOT FREEZE WELL


  • Fresh salmon burger, finely chopped with capers, Dijon and fresh herbs
  • Salmon Chimichurri, the classic Argentinean herb sauce with vinegar and olive oil. Marinated and served with fresh sauce. (S)
  • Blackened salmon filets with hand blended spices. Mild or hot. (S)