Vegetarian Entrees

May contain eggs or dairy

  • Italian baked white beans with Tuscan kale, marinara, parmesan and fresh mozzarella
  • Butternut and spinach lasagne casserole layered with thin butternut squash planks, roasted red peppers, spinach ricotta filling, marinara and mozzarella
  • Apple, leek and sweet potato gratin with apple cider, fresh sage and parmesan
  • Thai mushroom lettuce wraps, scallion, carrot shreds and leaf lettuce wrapping.
  • Artichoke and mushroom baked zucchini boats with brown rice, leeks, oregano and goat cheese.
  • Baked Greek feta cheese over leafy greens with chickpeas, a dash of mild curry and lemon yogurt garnish
  • Eggplant Parmesan, gluten free with seasoned almond meal, browned and smothered in scratch basil tomato sauce, baked with fresh mozzarella. Vegan on request
  • Toasty quinoa falafel with tzatziki sauce (egg and dairy). Dairy free on request. (S)
  • Pastelon, a classic Puerto Rican plantain casserole made with green lentils and sweet peppers for this vegetarian version. (eggs)
  • Mediterranean vegetable lasagna with sweet peppers, zucchini and portobello mushrooms with arrabbiata tomato sauce and lemon ricotta filling. Gluten free on request. (egg and dairy)
  • Black bean burger with chili powder, onion and bell peppers with avocado yogurt dressing. Vegan on request. (S)
  • Organic classic macaroni and cheese. Simple or your choice of added vegetables. Gluten free on request