About Emily

With several front-of-the-house restaurant jobs and a burned out retail management career on my resume I turned my love of cuisine to the professional restaurant kitchen in autumn 1994. With the close of my restaurant, Blue Gardenia Eclectic Cuisine, after five years of operation in 2002 I became a stay-at-home parent and took a work break for 6 years.  As a conscientious mom with lot’s of new mommy friends it became glaringly clear that there is a consistent need for healthy meals made more accessible in a climate of over scheduling and fast food diets. Returning to work with new perspective as a single parent I channeled my passion for whole food nutrition and preparation into, what has now become, Mindful Meals Personal Chef in February 2009.

A long time health enthusiast and cook I have developed special skills in creating deliciously composed whole food menus that nutritionally satisfy without the deprivation of restricted diets. Through self-study and work with clients and practitioners I also have unique ability to understand, teach and implement healing and supportive dietary therapies.

In addition to cooking services I have worked with many groups providing healthy cooking demonstrations and speaking at events. I have taught cooking privately and in class settings, joined in cross promotion and charitable fundraisers with other local business and organizations and, best of all, have cooked for hundreds of happy households in the Bay area.

Emily Golden Drews , January 2015

Emily, July 2008
Emily, July 2008

This is me in July, 2008. I was resistant to weight loss for many years.  Through self-study and a deeper understanding of how and why this happens to so many of us, I began to adjust my diet toward more anti inflammatory whole foods. Now I maintain my slimmer frame effortlessly with proper nutrition. 

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